A 15-Hour Course 

Saturday May 5th

This course has been designed by Sandrine and taught since 2018


This course is designed for yoga teachers.

Training content:
- Introduction to the workshop

- The importance of adjusting and assisting in yoga

- The difference between adjusting and assisting

- How to keep students safe in your classes
- How to make a good adjustment

- A quick review of the anatomy (bones & muscles)

- Ahimsa - non-violence

- Asana - Steady and comfortable posture - Sthira & Sukha
- Working with and against gravity

- Adjust yourself before you adjust someone else

- Ground into a safe posture before you come to assist someone
- Help to correct unsafe alignment

- Why assisting - benefits for the students

- Deepening into a posture with assistance

- Amount of pressure to apply

- Coming in and out of the posture with confidence and mindfulness

- Know your body's limitations and restrictions

And a lot more...

We will be adjusting and assisting a number of postures from different categories (standing, seated, twists, backbends)


Schedule: 2 days - 9:30am to 6pm - 

Where? Ariany, Mallorca 

When? Saturday  May 5th

How much? 160 Euros - Includes + coffee/tea/morning break snack + course notes + certificate

Additional cost for private room per person for one night 35 Euros (includes Saturday's dinner + Sunday's breakfast & lunch). Bring your towel + sleeping bag o bed sheet.