The Art of Assisting Backbends Workshop

Alignment, Flow & Opening the Heart Chakra

In-person Course

Continuing Education

Sandrine A. Healthy Living is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

In order to continue to grow and learn as a teacher you can now add your course hours onto your Yoga Alliance profile as continuing education in different categories.

This course has been designed by Sandrine and taught since 2018 & has been updated a few times.


This course is designed for yoga teachers & yoga practitioners.

Training content:

  • Backbend Flow Yoga practice

  • Why do Backbends? A quick anatomy review - benefits of doing vertebral extension - muscular & bone restrictions

  • Difference between Adjusting & Assisting

  • Why and how to assist backend postures 

  • Help to correct unsafe alignment

  • Deepening into a posture with assistance

  • Amount of pressure to apply

  • Working with Anahata - Heart Chakra

  • Practice & teach a flow Backbend sequence

This course is an in-person course in Ariany, Mallorca.

Schedule: 9:30 am to 6 pm

When? Saturday, March 27th 2021

Where? Ariany, Mallorca 

How much? 90 Euros - Includes course notes + certificate of assistance + Yoga Alliance Continuing Education