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Sandrine A. Healthy Living is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

In order to continue to grow and learn as a teacher you can now add your course hours onto your Yoga Alliance profile as continuing education in different categories.

Backbend Practice & Adjusting / Assisting


This course has been designed by Sandrine and taught since 2018 & has been updated a few times.


This course is designed for yoga teachers & yoga practitioners.

Training content:

  • Introduction to each other

  • What are your fears about Handstand? 

  • Why handstand – benefits

  • Ujjayi, bandhas, Manipura chakra

  • Get your body ready for handstand – warming up - stretching to warm up the upper body (wrists, arms, shoulders) and the hamstrings (back of the thighs)

  • How to do a handstand? Learn step by step – hands placement – engaging your core – use the wall to support your feet & focus on what is happening to your wrists, shoulders, upper back, core…

  • Adding props: 

    • block to support the head, bolster, or pillow – up & down – jumping from a seated posture, and even from a reclining one.

    • swiss ball/wheel prop/bed/sofa to support the head to do a tripod handstand

    • support for feet – block, chairs, bed, sofa

  • Let's play with the wall: using doorway – hallway – facing wall & L-shape

  • Warming down

  • Feedbacks

This course is an in-person, & online course with a live session via Google Meet.

I will be posting here more details soon (dates, price, what's included...)

Stay tuned!!!

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